Bear Vs. 3×3 Vs. Format



Been playing some Super Mario RPG in preparation for my first entry into my article series I’ve affectionately named Bear Vs. 3×3. In this series, I tackle each game of the 3×3 I made a few years ago, playing through them and really taking on this issue at hand: are these my top nine favorite games of all time?

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Ori and the Blind Forest – It’s a shame, really.

Ori and the Blind Forest, (hereby referred to as just Ori) is how they say, a “Metroidvania.” You have a nice map, and you fill in the map, collecting treasures, items, power ups, and abilities along the way. Usually, using your new abilities in old areas to get new stuff you couldn’t get to before. You play as a little forest sprite, monkey/fox combo named Ori, and you have a spirit companion called Sein. You jump and shoot all over the world, attempting to restore the world to what it once was.

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Review – Pokémon Shuffle


 Why bring Nintendo games to mobile, when you can bring mobile to Nintendo games?

I had to play Pokémon Shuffle for the Nintendo 3DS quite a bit before I could figure out how I felt about it. When I first saw the trailer for the game, I was excited. “Finally,” I thought, “a game to cleanse my pallet after the frustrating difficulty curve of Pokémon Battle Trozei” (clearly, I have a history with Pokémon Match-Threes) I was obviously skeptical about the “free-to-play” elements of the game, and the careful word choice of using the phrase “download at not cost” made me feel worse, not better.

When I finally played the game, suddenly, none of that mattered. My eyes glossed over, lost in the world of the Match-Three. Being able to move pieces anywhere, and the possibilities that created for massive amounts of four-matches and five-matches, and the fact that having only four different kinds of pieces meant a high chance of insane cascades made me so happy, I forgot about all that free-to-play stuff. Then, after five rounds, my world came crashing down when I was informed that I either needed to wait thirty minutes to play the next round, or use the jewel they just gave me to play five more…

I spent the jewel, because it was a tutorial and I was supposed to do that. Over the course of the next few days, I continued to play the game. In the morning, after work, in between rounds of Destiny, before bed, and generally any other time that I remembered it existed, because it was simple and fun… but also nefarious. Despite intermittently thinking about how Nintendo included the option to spend $47.99 at once in a game that appears to be for children, I played on, five levels at a time. Then, somewhere around level 45, I won a round without making a single move. It was then that I thought “okay, now I can review this game.”

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