Episode 25 – Stan’s Plan

Episode 25!

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WARNING: The first section of the podcast is full of Ryan’s TERRIBLE AUDIO. We decided to use it anyways, as we are professionals. We at Bear Vs. Man Cast apologize, and ultimately blame Windows 10.

This week, Bravo’s newest reality show is featured. The Ryan talks about actually playing The Witcher 3, Nick talks about some Heroes of the Storm, and some other stuff happens. Then we invent a new segment. Kinda like news, except it’s not news.

[audio http://audio.simplecast.fm/18044.mp3]

Episode 24 – BVMC 101.8 Waking up with The Bear

Episode 24!

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This week, we wake you up in the morning (at night) with our newest morning radio show. Then it’s off to video games. Where Ryan plays Street Fighter IV, Nick played Majora’s Mask in an effort to break it, Ryan speed runs some Pokemon: Fire Red, Nick falls down a rabbit hole of bad iOS games, and then we argue about the World of Warcraft: Legion.

[audio http://audio.simplecast.fm/18043.mp3]

Episode 23 – Cake Lords

Episode 23!

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This week, French-Canadian Julia Child joins us to talk Cake. Then Joe is here. He’s not special. Ryan talks about Speed-running Pokemon X, Joe talks about something. I can’t remember. Nick talks about Infamous. And then there’s news? and then there’s forgetting.

[audio http://audio.simplecast.fm/18042.mp3]

Episode 22 – Psych-Cast-Ologists

Episode 22!

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This week, Nick and Ryan played Rocket League and it’s the only game that matters anymore. Pack it up, nothing else needs to be done. I suppose Nick also played Persona Q, Ryan played a little P3P, and Nick played Mighty Switch Force. Then News? News. It’s not news this week; it’s current events.

[audio http://audio.simplecast.fm/18041.mp3]

Episode 21 – Jeopardy Party

Episode 21!

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This week, we play Jeopardy. Then Prime Day sucked. Nick and Joe went to a place called Bitfest. Then Joe plays Ready, Steady Bang and Please, Don’t Touch Anything. Then Nick plays a bunch of Path of Exile. Ryan plays Guild of Dungeoneering and Rocket League. Then news.

This week’s podcast is in honor of President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata. RIP. You will be missed. Thanks for finishing Earthbound and everything else you’ve done.

[audio http://audio.simplecast.fm/18040.mp3]