Backlog Assault – NaissanceE

Nick has a lot of games. In the semi-regular column Backlog Assault, Nick will dig into this backlog of games, pull one out, play it, and write about how It makes him feel.

Admittedly, I have not had NaissanceE in my backlog for very long. I picked it up a month or so ago, as part of the Humble Weekly Bundle: Monochromatic, NaissancE ultimately being the deciding factor in my purchase, because I had heard about how striking its visual style is. I can be a sucker for unique visuals in games, it can get me to play a game I might not normally, or continue to play a game I’d sooner not. In terms of visual style, NaissanceE delivers in a big way. It’s not the perfect game, but for a short first-person story told with no words, it’s pretty darn good, and damn does it look good.

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