Bear’s Picnic Table – In Defense of Cards Against Humanity


Earlier today, I read this: (also where this image is from)

Three disclaimers: One, this article will probably contain reference to potentially offensive material referring to cards in the game Cards Against Humanity. Two, I am biased in that it is well-known BVM lore that both myself and Nick love Cards Against Humanity. Three, I am biased in that I pretty much take the Shut Up and Sit Down’s crews reviews as fact.

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Nintendo Releases a Statement about Amiibo Availability: Bear is not Impressed



Who gives a shit about this fuck?

After reading that caption you might say to yourself, “Woah, Bear. Why don’t we cool it with the profanities?” To that I say, no, fuck that. Mario’s a big bitch.

Bear’s mad. And he’s mad about Amiibo. As you may be aware, dear reader, I love Amiibo and I am an avid collector. But I feel wronged by the company who brings me such collectible goodness.

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Throwback Thursday: Gitaroo Man


Throwback Thursday is an article series where I, Bear, play one of those “old games” and then I write about what I thought of it. Sometimes it’ll be me talking about an old gem, or other times it may be a bargain bin game NES cart I got that I’ve never heard of before. But I’ll play it, tell you about it, and then the rest is up for grabs.

Gitaroo Man is a music and rhythm game for the PS2 developed by KOEI and iNiS. Original released in America in 2002, and it apparently was a very niche title, with KOEI not really producing that many copies of it back in the day.

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Bear Vs. 3×3 – #1: Super Mario RPG


Here we are. The classic, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars. A game that a lot of us remember, myself included, as the Mario game we picked up when we were about six years old and we said, “What the fuck is this Mario?” and then as we kept playing it we said, “I like this Mario.” This is a game that I have touted as one of my favorite games of all time, claiming a coveted spot on the 3×3 back in 2013. I’ve played through it once again, looking at it with a critical eye only a bear could have. Does it hold up?

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