Review: Rock Band 4


I’ve spent a lot of time with the latest entry in the Rock Band series this week. Played dozens of tracks, played with friends, did the Career Mode. It’s more Rock Band, and that’s a good thing. Rock Band 4 is the latest entry in the Rock Band series, after a near five year hiatus. Now you can play it on your Xbox One or PS4. They’ve added some things, taken out some things, switched a few things up. And it’s all… fine. Everything is… well, fine.

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Undertale – Do you want to lie on the floor and feel like garbage?

A game seemingly fell into my lap this past week. A little RPG, as it were. I read some things about it from various places; “Oh it’s pretty short.” “It’s charming.” “This reminds me of Earthbound.” “It’s got cool music.”

After spending some time with some really big, recent games these past few weeks, I was excited to check out something smaller in scope. Queue Undertale.


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First Impressions: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain



I come to you this morning torn, upset, and a little hungry. The latter matters the least. However, I want to talk about arguably one of the most important video games of 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I’m no where near finished, my completion percentage sits at 15% right now, but I have thoughts and feelings about MGSV I wish to share.

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Left-Handedness in Gaming – An Essay



That’s not how I hold my Stylus.

I’ve spent some time pondering left-handedness in gaming. I am left handed myself, and I never thought about it much in relation to gaming. However, recently after listening to a few discussions about diversity and representation in games of many different races, sexual orientations, genders, etc. I noticed that Left-Handedness is always something often over-looked in the equation.

There’s two problems to this: Left Handed Accessibility, and Left Handed Representation. Reasons are probably vast; the market of people who give a shit is probably pretty small. Left handed people don’t really have a culture to look to. We have a history, the short version of which is it was seen as (up until relatively recently) was viewed as something that should be corrected. Often in schools left handed kids were usually forced to write and force development with their right hand because this was the norm. And the norm is good and wholesome. At some point, the forcible changing of left handed kids ceased and now we have a world where it’s just “okay you’re left handed. Who cares?” We have woes; they are usually small, and nit picky. Like notebooks, with the sprials on the left side so that our hands dig into them as we write. Or with pencils and you end up with a hand bottom full of graphite. Scissors are a problem for some lefties, and can openers. Those right arm desks in school and when you sit down it’s just, “Oh. No support for my writing arm today!” The pens attached to debit card machines or bank chains are often on the wrong side and are too short. These are all things that are minor inconveniences in my life as a lefty.

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Lifeline – A game? A book? Neither?


“written by Dave Justus” See? Look. It’s a book.

Lifeline is, well, an interesting game. Game is used lightly, here. Any gameplay presented is literally boiled down to two choices. At any given time. That’s it. The gameplay here is not the reason to keep with Lifeline. Lifeline is more accurately described as an interactive, real time choose your own adventure novel. But it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had so far this year.

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