Ryan’s Top 5 (8?) E3 2015 Games – Most Hype Edition

Top 5 Games at E3 – Most Hype



Hello have you seen mother fucking Cuphead

Hype aside, I’m super stoked about Cuphead and let me tell you why. Obviously, I’m jazzed about the visual style. The whole, 1930’s Steamboat Willy, heavily Disney inspired cartoon artwork is incredibly appealing. Looking at video of Cuphead, the animation is really spot on. Gameplay sort of seems like a boss rush thing where you shot some stuff out of your straw. Just looking at Cuphead makes me grin like a small child and I am VERY EXCITED.

No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky has a dinosaur planet in it. Somewhere. I’ll never find it.

No Man’s Sky is the space exploration game that I’ve been waiting for (I hope.) A seemingly infinite amount of planets, all different, with a variety of things on them. There’s warring factions, there’s strange life, there’s a billion million planets. My flight stick is ready now that No Man’s Sky is coming to PC.

Persona 5


Nobody knows why this is in Persona 5 but I want tooooooooooo

What else is there to say about Persona 5 other than it’s a brand new Persona game, built in what looks like the Catherine engine? It looks good. It looks like Persona. I’m stoked. SO STOKED. IT’S COMING OUT THIS YEAR.

The Last Guardian


What if this got delayed again? Just like, what if?

After years and years of waiting, The Last Guardian is finally coming. And I’m jazzed. I loved Shadow of the Colossus and team Ico makes cool shit. I have no idea what the gameplay is like. So far, it seems that Bird Dog follows around Kid and he can pick up Kid and put him places. I can feel the potential, and I’m super pumped to see what this game ends up being after all this time.



Look at this thing. It’s adorable.

Unravel reminds me of Kooky, a weird little film about a stuffed bear. To sum up how I feel about Unravel is that I’m curious. I’m curious to see how Yarny uses his yarn to traverse the stages. I’m curious to see if this is just platforming, or if they incorporate some kind of combat. The potential for Unravel is pretty exciting to think about.

Top 3 Nintendo

So I love Nintendo so much I gave them their own small category.

Star Fox Zero



Star Fox Zero is what Ryan would call, “Tight.” It looks so incredibly crisp, and they seem to have really changed up the Star Fox (64) formula by adding in non-linear sections where you take your arwing and transform into a bipedal thing. The shooting with the gamepad being separate from the piloting of the arwing is also super interesting. I’m ready for more Star Fox and Star Fox Zero looks like it’s going to deliver.



I kind of hope they don’t change the name for America because I enjoy screaming “GENEI IBUNROKE #FE”

As I’m writing, I’m currently watching some gameplay of GIR#FE and let me tell you they are mixing Fire Emblem and SMT in such cool ways. They seem to be going for a Persona looking battle system with some of that Fire Emblem Awakening Team up stuff. The weapon triangle is there in it’s own special way. This just seems like a really cool new Persona game and that is just, well, fucking great. I love Persona.

Metroid Prime Federation Force


“what the fuck is this doing here?” You might ask.

Initially, this game was like, “oh whatever not even Metroid Prime Metroid Prime.” But I saw like a big chunk of gameplay yesterday, and let me tell you, the four player co-op stuff makes me think that this is the game that I wish Destiny was. You and three friends doing cool missions, shooting big bad guys and being awesome WITH NO BULLSHIT. This sounds great. I just hope that I have friends who want to play it with me.

So that’s it. Those are the top 5 (8?) games from E3 2015 that I am most hyped about. There are many titles that didn’t make the list. The games coming out of E3 this year are just super.


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