The State of the World… of Warcraft: To Fly or not to Fly?



Flying in Warlords of Draenor is a hot topic as of late with the announcement of flying in Draenor is coming sometime after Patch 6.2, with a few conditions.

For those who haven’t heard, flying is being unlocked in “a small patch after 6.2” with the completion of the meta-achievement “Draenor Pathfinder.” From the Water Cooler, you must:

  • Explore Draenor’s Zones (I think that achievement is called “Explore Draenor.”
  • Collection 100 “treasures” in Draenor (boy that sounds tedious, but I bet a lot of people’s mains are close)
  • Completing “Draenor Loremaster” Achievement (UGH)
  • Completing “Securing Draenor” Achievement (I guess that’s finishing all of the apexis dailies? Fine, I guess)
  • Finally, Raising 3 of the new Tanaan Jungle Reputations to at least Revered (UGH)

After completing all of this, you are awarded with the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, and some special Rylak flying mount. This will unlock the ability to Fly in Draenor on any character that is level 90+.

This is a pretty hefty meta achievement on the surface. However, I would assume that anyone with a decently active main is close. Maybe this is a big leap on my part. I know myself personally, I don’t think I’m that close on Loremaster, or Explore Draenor. Ugh I hate questing.

All of this for what? Flying? Where does anyone need to go anymore? With the acceptation of getting it unlocked for alts so they can fly and quest, I don’t see the real reason to get flying back for this expansion. The run to Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry isn’t that long, and to be honest, we all know there’s one dude who runs there that shows up to raid early, and he starts with the summons. You aren’t running there anyway, are you?

For me, flying getting removed was a pretty harsh blow at first. I had to explore each quest zone on a ground mount, trying to figure out how to run from zone to zone. As Alliance, trying to determine where the entrance to Frostfire Ridge is really kinda sucks. It takes a really long time to get from A to B, and that was really disappointing to me. But now? I’m done. On my Monk I don’t need to go anywhere.

Flying is ultimately rendered useless by the Garrison. 90% of everything you need is in the Garrison, sometimes closer to 100% if you have things like the Auction House and the Bank in your Garrison. I have a small city, that no one is in, and has everything I need in it; I don’t need to fly anywhere. I’m of a high enough gear level that apexis gear is quite pointless. I just don’t see the point in getting all upset about flying in Draenor. We all know you’re not going to go anywhere. When do we need flying back? For 7.0.

I think the zones are too big. Often times, quests can lead you from one side of the zone to the other, and this can get worse as you progress farther into the story line of the zone. My suggestion? Make the quest hub zones cover a smaller zone, and make it a no fly zone below a certain altitude. Allow us to fly from big zone to big zone, but if we want to go into a quest zone, turn flying off. Hell, make it land you on the ground. Maybe this is beyond the current limitations of the flying systems. But this is a solution to the problem. I don’t think people are upset that they can’t fly everywhere and anywhere, but not being able to fly from zone to zone, from quest hub to quest hub sucks. (But Ryan what about Flight Paths? That sounds like Flight Paths.) To you I say, Flight Paths are not a direct line and it takes forever. You have to dismount, pick your destination, let it fly there. It takes way longer than mounting up yourself and just flying there.

This kind of leads into a conversation about how the Garrison has impacted the game as a whole. Garrisons are a great idea, on paper. It gives you access to your own semi-customizable area with buildings that provide services that you want to use without the need to travel to a hub city. However, the missions, the work orders, the minerals and herbs, Blizzard gave us a big box full of chores to do everyday and I hate it. Garrison stuff isn’t as bad as say, Mist dailies, but it’s getting up there in tediousness. Having one is fine, but once you start adding more it becomes an incredibly time consuming and arduous process to get all of your Garrison chores finished. I have currently three max level Garrisons, and six level two Garrisons. To finish everything for each character’s Garrison takes me at least an hour, if not more. By the time this is done? I just want to stop playing. A lot of times I don’t even get everything done on every character. Just imagine having eleven max level Garrisons and trying to finish everything on everyone you have. Sounds like a two hour a day endless chore simulator.

I’m sincerely hoping between the ideas they explored in Mists, and what they’ve done in Draenor gave Blizzard’s Devs some really good ideas for the future of Warcaft. But realistically, the repetitive chore parts of the game are going to lead to its downfall.


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