This is Me Expressing Genuine Surprise: Nintendo is Doing a Humble Bundle


I’m not going to trivialize this by saying “holy fucking hell.” I am surprised and thrilled in ways that I’m not fully able to express. This is not a drill. You can get 8+ games playable on Nintendo consoles for $10.

Humble Bundle, for those uninitiated, is a service that promotes “pay what you want” bundles with some of the proceeds benefiting charity. Typically, these bundles feature titles from independent game creators, but there have also been bundles headlined by companies like the now defunct THQ, Warner Brothers, EA, and 2K.

Nintendo technically joins these companies with the Humble Nindie Bundle. I say technically because none of the games are actually developed by Nintendo, just independent games on Nintendo platforms. The games are split between WiiU and 3DS, so owners of both will see their libraries expanding if they’re willing to shell out $10.

Like, I’m not even concerned with whether or not these games are good, although some of them are. Included titles are:

  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (WiiU) – a wonderful Metroid-like about luchadors that there is no way people don’t own already unless the only platform they have is a WiiU
  • Woah Dave! (3DS) – a suuuuuuuper retro-inspired simplistic platformer, reminiscent of Super Crate Box.
  • Mighty Switch Force! (3DS) – a superb and stylish 2D platformer that challenges you to arrest criminals as quickly as possible. Already has a sequel on WiiU, but for what we’re paying, who can complain?

Buyers who beat the average, currently set at $9.25, you can also get three games that don’t have an exclamation point in their title:

  • The Fall (WiiU) – a 2D adventure game, that I have been told is very good. A WiiU console exclusive, but also on Steam.
  • OlliOlli (WiiU/3DS) – a stylish and simple 2D skate boarding game. Already has a sequel. Seems fine.
  • Moon Chronicles Episode 1 (3DS) – I have no idea what this is. I’ve never heard of this game before in my life. Seems to be some kind of first person shooter. Three more episodes available for purchase. Hmm.
  • More games to come!

Now, those who are affluent enough to be able to afford spending $10, which is probably going to be a buck or so above the average, will get two more games:

  • Stealth Inc. 2 (WiiU) – actually a sequel. A 2D stage-based stealth platformer that tasks the player with sneaking through vents and avoiding security cameras, seems pretty good.
  • SteamWorld Dig (WiiU/3DS) – a Metroid-inspired platformer where players take control of a robot in a steam-punk Western town, digging for gold, precious gems, and power ups. Seems promising, but the time I spent with the PC version left me unimpressed.

A pretty decent showing for two systems that almost never have sales of any sort of worth. If you own one or both of these systems, I think you would do well to purchase this bundle, especially because I find that there are lots of people looking for new, cheap games to play on systems with strange and limited libraries. I know I bought that shit.

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