CHALLENGER APPROACHING just kidding it’s probably nothing


A poster on the Smash Bros subreddit, shinyquagsire23, detailed in a recent post all the info he “data mined” from the new update that reached Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS that added the existence of DLC characters. OMG you guys you won’t believe what he found. SOUND CLIPS

Victory themes for Lucas and Mewtwo, obviously, were found in the update, but so were two victory themes, one labeled Roy, and the other Ryu. Roy being added as a DLC character is not too far fetched, but we may be jumping to conclusions to say that Ryu is next up. Sure, it’s possible, but there’s no way that’s the logical conclusion. There was also stage music found for his stage from Street Fighter 2, sounding almost ripped from the original cartridge. Most logical explanation, a retro-inspired street fighter stage and a Ryu Mii outfit that changes your victory theme. Nothing to see here, move along.

Oh and yeah, Roy. Cool, sure. Let’s all pay $5 for another Marth clone.

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