Next Destiny Expansion Won’t Include a Raid and How Am I The Only One That’s Pumped?


In Destiny, the two existing raids represent the greatest challenges and most unique experiences the game has to offer, with rare and unique equipment your prizes for you and the other five members of your fire team if you can overcome the hurdles before you.

But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

You need to get six people together, and on the same page in order to play. Playing with your friends? How many people legit have five friends who all play Destiny on the same console with schedules that even REMOTELY align. Like, if I was seventeen and I could just tell my five friends in homeroom “Crota’s End after school, or you’re a noob,” like, that would work out great for me and my chances to get the best gear in the game, along with unique and rare exotic weapons and exclusive shaders. I’m a grown-ass man with a full time job, and I don’t have time for that World of Warcraft-ass shit, so I’ve been living as a second-class citizen in Destiny, stuck at level 31, because I don’t want to go on Reddit and find a bunch of randos to group up with so I can be the reason the party wipes because I didn’t know that if someone goes down while fighting Crota, you all have to all shoot the moon or some shit or he just kills everyone.

House of Wolves is the second expansion for 2014’s Destiny, and they’ve announced that it won’t have a new raid being added along with it (but there will be a new raid coming later this year, details unclear). Do you know what that means? It means that maybe, just maybe, for a little while, I can hit the level cap by other means, without getting six people together. With no raid, they have to add some new Player vs. Enemy ways for me to get the best tier of legendary equipment, and I could not be more excited. They’ve already announced they have plans to give people the ability to upgrade the legendary and exotic equipment they have now (at least weapons, and most likely in a different way than they did for the Dark Below, because they acknowledged how terribly they handled that), which is very much exciting, because having to either level up your exotics again, and/or throw away your old legendary equipment hoping to find new ones with the little “II” symbol on the icon was the worst and most frustrating part of the last expansion. Here’s to hoping this new upgrade system won’t leave people thinking “why did I even bother playing this game before [expansion x]” like the last one did.

Obviously, the internet is mad. No raid means one less way for try-hards to try hard. What will the aforementioned seventeen-year-olds do after school now? Break up their raid team? No way, bro. Ride together, die together. Chaotic Eternity is forever. Or whatever.

The PS4 subreddit has a link to the Kotaku article “Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Won’t Have a Raid.” Reddit user JamsAndJellies, who shared the link, titled his post “Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Won’t Even Have a Raid.” The subtle use of the word even. Amazing. I can taste his mad.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that they’re adding some kind of arena mode, which I think could provide some fun challenge and unique experiences for smaller groups. Instead of lamenting the fact that the raid isn’t coming out with the expansion, I’m looking forward to new content. So, sue me.

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