Horror Game Nevermind Comes to Greenlight (Did I Mention it Requires a $100 Biofeedback Sensor?)


Nevermind is a horror game that claims to change based on how scared you are, measured by a biofeedback device (sold separately). The creators say the game will offer the following features:

  • Cutting edge biofeedback-enhanced gameplay
  • A new, accessible take on horror-adventure games
  • Surreal, abstract mindscapes filled with secrets to unearth and puzzles to solve
  • Helps players practice techniques to manage everyday feelings of stress and anxiety

A fascinating concept indeed. Especially the last part. I wonder if there’s actual educational elements or if it’s a “trial by fire” situation.

Check out the trailer.

The ridiculousness of buying a $100 peripheral aside, the concept is fascinating and the game does look really cool. First Person PC horror has been done before, so time will tell if consumers are willing to shell out the money to create a slightly more interesting experience, or if maybe the game works just fine without it.
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