Bear Vs. 3×3 Vs. Format



Been playing some Super Mario RPG in preparation for my first entry into my article series I’ve affectionately named Bear Vs. 3×3. In this series, I tackle each game of the 3×3 I made a few years ago, playing through them and really taking on this issue at hand: are these my top nine favorite games of all time?


The thing that will suck about playing all of these games is most of them are over 20 hours. Ugh.

Currently I’m thinking about just how to “rate” each game at the end of playing it, deciding if it fits on the 3×3 or not. Thinking about just a simple, it’s in, it’s out, or tentative.

When I first set out on this, I was thinking, “I’ll know immediately whether or not it belongs on the 3×3. Definitely, 100%.” I’m playing Super Mario RPG, and I’m like, spoilers, Maybe? So I need a category where I put things that I don’t know what to do with and I can deal with a later time. Like when I finish this articles series.


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