Bloodborne: Bear’s Thoughts

Bloodborne Title

So. Here we are. I played probably about seven hours of Bloodborne, downed the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, as well as the Gattling Gun Guy, and I have a kirk hammer. I like the Kirk hammer. I want to tell you what I think about Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Screen 1

Das ist meine Kirkhammer

I little back story on me and Souls games. I’ve played all them, never beat a single one. I probably put the most time into Dark Souls 2, but probably only five hours. The point I’m at in Bloodborne right now, where I’ve downed a few bosses, leveled up a little. This is the point where in any other Souls game I usually say, “Okay, I’m done now.” And I go find something else.

However, there is something about Bloodborne that is keeping my attention. I can’t say this for sure, but to me, the game plays just a hair faster than Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2. It’s just enough where for me the combat feels more fluid and natural. Initially I missed the shield from previous games. But thinking about how you can use guns in Bloodborne to interrupt enemy action and get in a sweet powerful strike just feels tight as hell.

If I do have complaints, they come in the form of grinding. One major change from previous Souls games and Bloodborne  is the removal of the Estus Flask. Instead of its replenishing qualities that you might be accustomed to, you are now using Blood Vials. On use, consumables that you must grind for if you run out. The same goes for your bullets. No replenishing, infinitely bashing shield, bullets. This is kind of a major flaw for me.

As of this writing, I’m currently working on the Blood Starved Beast, which on top of needing a pretty full supply of Blood Vials and Silver Bullets, you need also Antidotes as it loves to dish out poison. Depending on how many items you use, you have to stop boss progression and go grind out consumables.

Despite all of this, I’m drawn in. I can’t tell you enough how much Bloodborne feels like the Souls game that can finally get me hooked. Go play it. It’s good.


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