Warlords of Draenor: Professions, and What Makes Me Grumpy

Cata Ore Shuffle

Once upon a time, you would go out into the world, and your miner would gather minerals. You would take your minerals, and send them to your Jewelcrafter. He prospected the ore, turning it into Good Gems and Okay Gems. You take your okay gems, make some necklaces and send those to your enchanter. You would then craft the good gems into Refined Gems that then you could sell, for gold. Meanwhile on your enchanter, you disenchant those necklaces into dust, which you make into enchantments that you can then sell for gold. This was called, “The Shuffle” and now it doesn’t exist.

The State of the World, if you will, is now what we live in; the age of Garrisons. They changed everything about professions in this expansion, and maybe it’s not the best thing. At a max level garrison, everyone has access to three small plots, which you put profession buildings on. These give you access to extra of your daily cooldown item for your profession. Every profession has things they can make with 100 pieces of your daily cooldown item.

Here’s my problem; I have twenty stacks of True Iron Ore. Can we talk about that for one second? That is 20×200 pieces of TIO. Math is not my strongest suit, but my calculator tells me that is four thousand pieces of TIO. I can’t use it fast enough. I could, craft it into the Draenor starter gear, and I could disenchant that. But the yield on Draenic Dust is so low, is it even worth it?

I’ve been very frustrated making gold this expansion. Why? Mostly because it seems to me that nothing sells because anyone who can make anything, makes it themselves because the barrier to entry on good items is so low. I would LOVE to sell enchants, but I can’t get enough dust to keep up with the amount of crystals you would need to make them. Bags sell okay? Gems sell sometimes, but I get so many stupid prismatic sockets on gear, all of my Taladite Crystals go to that.

The best things I can sell? Raw materials. Not leather, or fur. But the Sorcerous Elements. And Savage Blood. You can’t make those! You’re limited to savage blood by time (it comes from the barn) and you’re limited to daily crafts to get sorcerous elements. And you need those to make shit!

This all culminates into a series of frustrating circumstances leading me to a world where I can’t make money in World of Warcraft. And that makes me grumpy. Maybe Blizzard will forgo Garrisons and go back to a simpler time where you actually go out and get ore, do the shuffle, and get gold. In the mean time, though, I’ll just send my followers on Treasure missions that are far more lucrative time wise than anything  I can craft in game. Here’s hoping to an epic raid trash drop that I get through a /roll. Because otherwise I’m not making any gold in Warlords of Draenor.


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