What the Bear is Cooking



Last week on the critically acclaimed Bear Vs. Man Cast, Episode 05, I mentioned some site features that I wanted to start bringing to the table on a frequent basis. And I want to just let people know what I’m getting at doing here.

Every week, I want to put up one written article. I know what you’re thinking. “But Bear, that is an UNDERWHELMING amount of content! I want more!”

Well, I’ll tell you what. If you want to get me and Nick like a whole pile of money, we’ll drop everything and do this full time. We’ll do some serious shit. You’ll be blown away. But until then, this is the realistic amount of work I can do on this site each week.

But I want to bring you some really cool stuff! So here’s what I’m thinking.

1. Each month I want to review a new game that came out this year. Pretty simple, give the people what they want. New games. New, new, new, all the time. I got this.

2. Each month, I want to write about the World of Warcraft. I play a lot of it, and you may have read a previous article about this very feature. I like to call it, The State of the World… of Warcraft. Crafty fucking title if I do say so myself.

3. Each month I want to tackle my 3×3, and settle the score on what stays, and what goes. Look for that in the coming weeks where I’m gonna talk about Super Mario RPG. I’m thinking about calling it Bear Vs. 3×3, but I’m not 100% sure.

4. Lastly, each month I want to do a feature I’m going to call Throwback Thursday, where I do a review of retro game.

And that’s that. I’m planning on doing each one of these features in a given four week period. I posted a review this week, and next week I’m gonna tackle a WoW related article. So look for some of this stuff. I want you to like it! Tell your friends about the website, and the podcast. Maybe we can make this something real.


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